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Audio/Video System Engineering Firm in Mamaroneck, New York

Audio/Video System Engineering Firm in Mamaroneck, New York

Larry has a Bachelors Degree in Electronics Engineering and specialized in Video Technology. In 1981 he was chief technician and quality control for the design team at an Engineering Firm that developed RGB technology for use in miniature high definition color cameras. This technology was used in NASA'S first Shuttle Bay color camera compartment and is used in every operating room around the world today for all phases of operations.

Although Larry is not Board Certified to perform any operations, he instructed several of the country's leading Orthopedic Surgeons on how to use the cameras and Fiber optic Light sources in arthroscopy and minimum invasive exploratory techniques. He was then hired by NEC Corp. through his current employer to be eastern regional service group manager to oversee the development of service centers to perform warranty repairs on Projection televisions and the new product line called "NEC Home Electronics". In June, 1983 Larry started Industrial Video and in March, 1984 incorporated the parent co. Video Experts, Inc.

Since then VEI has grown to be one of the largest servicing dealers in the tri-state area. Working closely with NEC, NBC and the FCC, VEI was selected as one of the analog broadcast receiving test sites to record one of the first television stereo signals on the new NEC VC-739e , a 4 head Beta vcr with a stereo tuner built in. Larry's been there from the new digital beginning. He lectured at MIT for the technical development of the Consumer Video Dept. He also taught adult education electronic classes at Mamaroneck High School and held a live call in tv talk show called " Home Video Helper".

If you need to design a simple home theater or an elaborate smart home control center, call VEI, we are here to help. We provide free consultations, plans and proposal. And don't forget, Larry's on your team.

System Designs include:

• Satellite HDTV
• 2-Way Broadband Satellite Internet Connections
• Complete Smart Home Wiring
• Home Theater Systems
• Telephone & Intercom Installations

• Alarms
• Closed Circuit Televisions
• Remote CCTV Home Camera Viewing
• Hidden Nanny Cams

Quality You Can Trust

Corporations, hospitals, churches, government agencies, restaurants, schools, and residential homes have put their trust in us to handle their audio and video needs. You receive quality audio and video system installations for a great rate from the audio/video distributors at our systems engineering firm.

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